And the best practical joke was...

-April 01, 2011

In the end, it seemed it HAD to involve a sales guy. Yes, there were fantastic pranks played on co-ops, on and new hires, on secretaries and purchasing agents, but in the end, nothing makes us laugh more than the misfortunes of a sales guy.

So, on this, April Fool's Day, we crown Bob Stevens the winner of the inaugural Engineering Practical Jokes contest with his entry: How to shut the sales guy up. Bob wins prizes including a whoopee cushion, perfect for throne as champion.

You cast your vote for 10 finalists, and Bob was the runaway No. 1. Here are the finalists and vote totals:
How to shut the sales guy up (Bob Stevens) 24 votes

What happens when the lights go out (Harold Rabbie) 12 votes

The unresponsive monitor (Dave Bassett) 11 votes

Say Cheese! (Change pants later) (Erik Margan) 9 votes

Practical jokes, video edition (Lee Ritchey) 7 votes

Irish eyes weren’t smiling (David Ashton) 7 votes

What a relief (Chris de Courcy-Bower) 5 votes

Not just blowing smoke
(Ken Neltnor) 5 votes

Stupid printer tricks (Thomas Hildebrandt) 4 votes

Practical jokes, video edition (Tiffany Frankovich) 1 vote

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