Industrial automation 'music videos'

Rich Pell -August 05, 2008

Gone are the days when a film or video product demonstration - especially of an industrial product - was guaranteed to be a rather staid, overproduced affair, complete with a talking head or voice-over monotonously detailing each of a product's features and advantages. The following sampling of industrial automation "music videos" shows that product demos don't necessarily need to include spoken dialogue or lack entertainment value to get a message across.

This short (3:57) fast-paced video titled "Fantastic Robots" features a catchy music soundtrack while demonstrating a robotic system for packing beverages:

A music/"dance" video (4:44) from Staubli Robot starts slowly and then picks up the pace as five industrial robots "show a lighter side" of industrial robotics at Automatica 2006:

This short video (3:21) includes both a music soundtrack and actual machine sounds while demonstrating the performance of Matsuura 5-axis CNC machine tool products:

This video (9:43) from RND Automation & Engineering looks at several of the company's past projects and capabilities.

And finally a similar "music video" that I saw recently from Applied Materials shows an animation of the company's new solar power module production line. If anyone's aware of other interesting videos along these lines feel free to bring them to my attention.

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