Can you help find this industrial switch?

Rich Pell -February 17, 2009

The other day, fellow editor Clive "Max" Maxfield (of Programmable Logic DesignLine) contacted me with an unusual request regarding an industrial switch. Max explained that he's working on a fun "Men versus Women" project and that while searching high and low for just the right hardware parts for it he came across the following mono-lever switch from Idec:

I think he mentioned he was particularly interested in the three-position manual return part, which appears to sell new for upwards of $100. Now Max, being a frugal fellow - especially in these tough economic times - was wondering where he might find one of these little "scamps" on the cheap? (Okay, he didn't actually use those words, but as a reader of his entertaining blog I knew he was at least thinking them.)

Can any readers of Industrial Control DesignLine offer Max any suggestions? For example, perhaps recommend a resource where he might find the part - or one that's similar - at surplus or salvage rates?

Incidentally, Max is planning on his completed project to look something like the following, just to give you an idea where he's headed (insanity?) with this:

If you'd like to contact Max directly, you can do so at - he'd be happy to hear from you!

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