Robot theme park to break ground

Rich Pell -February 24, 2009

Coming in 2013, a robot theme park called Robot Land is being designed to entertain and educate human visitors, as well as provide a boost to the local robotics industry. Its location? South Korea. And its developer? Not Disney, but the South Korean government and private industry.

South Korea, which considers robotics to be one of its key growth industries, plans to spend $1.06 billion to build two industrial theme parks - the first in Incheon, a port city west of Seoul, and the other in Masan, a southern industrial city. The parks will include exhibition halls, education and corporate facilities, and R&D centers, as well as amusement rides and stadiums for various robot competitions.

Construction of the first park is expected to begin later this year, and may be partially open to the public as early as 2012. Ultimately, South Korea expects that the parks could help provide a significant boost to the economy and create as many as 18,000 jobs.

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