NASA and LEDs—Lighting the HQ

-September 09, 2013

I know it’s really cool to see where on the space shuttles, rovers, and distant planets technology is used. I confess to having an affinity for all things NASA. However, if we want to get to out there, we have to continue to afford the program here and, LEDs will help. Huh? How you ask? So, according to the powers that be over in the NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C., the new 1,300 LED fixtures will save 52% over the old T8 fluorescent fixtures.


The products installed to date are the Cree CR22™ architectural LED troffers. The product delivers the highest, most comprehensive set of performance characteristics in the industry, with efficacy of 100LPW standard and a 90LPW option. The product will last from 50,000 to 75,000 lifetime hours. More than 5,200 more are planned before the upgrade is complete.


Not only is energy going to be less expensive as a result, the fixture count itself is declining by 10%. The troffers feature Lutron® EcoSystem® dimming, for easy configurability and user experience. It also extends LED lifetime.

I promise, the next NASA piece I write up will be out of this world in a different way… If you want more info on the Cree products involved, click here.


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