LED tail lights

-September 09, 2013

LEDs like to make red light, or at least many of them do. That makes them a very attractive choice for automobile tail lights. However, I have seen a great many recent vehicles with LED tail lights that are to my eyes, visually disturbing to the point of compromising driving safety.


Here's what I mean.



It's my guess that the LED brightness is pulse controlled and that the pulse repetition rate, the operating frequency of the LED drive, is only 100 Hz or so. That's fast enough to make LED light look unblinking when it's being directly stared at, but it's not fast enough for me when I'm driving my own car and scanning the road.


It's worth noting that not everybody falls prey to this effect. My wife tells me that she doesn't experience this. Still, I do experience it and I'm sure I can't be alone in my distress.


To my mind, there is no excuse for such a low repetition rate. After all, high speed data transmission is done with LEDs. I want to see a sufficiently high tail light drive pulse rate to make this kind of visual upset a thing of the past.

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