Tesla---Connecting the dots

-April 28, 2012

Dr. Simos’ presentation on Tesla was eye-opening as well as mathematically and theoretically rigorous in showing that some of Tesla’s ideas that were dismissed over a century ago are now seen in a different light. This due to looking back and showing that the ideas, far advanced for the time, are now shown to comply with Maxwell’s equations and do not violate any classical laws of mathematics or physics as once thought.The presentation was based on what we understand as classical, mainstream physics to help us understand what Tesla was talking about with his brilliant theories. Dr. Simos showed that certain far-reaching assertions or experimental observations made by Tesla were within fundamental laws.

Tesla was a scientist of electromagnetic theory according to Maxwell’s equations; fluid mechanics exemplified by his energy bladeless turbine concept in 1892; resonance, Tesla stated, as “Everything oscillates” in the earth-ultimately, a few years later, a complete set of resonance curves was calculated and the earth’s two eigenvalues were determined (See the book Advances in Geophysics edited by Helmut Erich Landsberg). Resonance was Tesla’s key to efficient transmission and reception of radio signals.

Dr. Simos also discussed the narrow areas of inconsistencies in Maxwell’s equations which manage to describe most governing principles but is not the “Holy Grail” of electromagnetics. There exist discontinuous or singular solutions which are not allowed in Maxwell’s mathematics—Absence of point-wise concentrated charges and avoidance of singular solutions do exist as we have found out in modern science.

We now accept wireless energy transmission as a capacitive effect. Tesla envisioned a capacitor on a grand scale. While in Colorado Springs he tested large discharges that returned un-diminished. He had created a singularity. In today’s electromagnetics we know that there are transversal waves (Hertzian) and Longitudinal waves (Vortex rings). He was exciting modes, not waves. Applying a high voltage discharge here and across the globe there was an instant effect from it. Tesla used to say “ride” the modes; that is, pick up the “ride” with energy already there.

He had found that a resonant frequency of 8 Hz was made by the earth and the ionosphere spherical capacitor effect. In 1952 Schumann said that 8 Hz was the self-oscillation of the earth and ionosphere—–50 years later!

Tesla aimed to use the strata 80 km above which was the ionosphere to transmit an electrical energy across the globe from Shoreham, Long Island to Ireland. He was not sure how to send power to so high an altitude, but conceived a plasma-type conductor that might do it. We use that effect today at the National Laboratories around the world.

Electrostatic induction is a capacitive coupling effect. He would have an energy-sucking antenna in Ireland and send the plasma wave from Shoreham up his tower into the ionosphere and it would travel across the ionosphere as if it were a current traveling the easiest path to return to its source back down a tower in Ireland and into the earth closing the circuit back to the Shoreham tower!

MIT’s “Witricity” is proving the Tesla theory! It is on a larger scale than anyone ever dreamed, but still not to the extent that Tesla envisioned it—-give science a little more time and another of Tesla’s theories may be proved.

MIT’s demonstration of wireless power transfer showed a 60 watt light bulb being illuminated from a power source over 2 meters away

More important than simply proving they could illuminate a light bulb, the experiment validated their theoretical models of how electric power is wirelessly transferred as a function of the geometry, distance, and electrical properties of the devices used.

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