Oxygen injections could allow you to live without breathing

-June 29, 2012

Specialists from Boston Children's Hospital have developed microparticles filled with oxygen that can be injected directly into the bloodstream, allowing patients to live without actually breathing for a short time.
The published work states that the injectable foam suspension contains self-assembling, lipid-based microparticles encapsulating a core of pure oxygen gas for intravenous injection.

“Prototype suspensions were manufactured to contain between 50 and 90 ml of oxygen gas per deciliter of suspension. Particle size was polydisperse, with a mean particle diameter between 2 and 4 μm,” details of the work state.

Testing has been done on rabbits and results have been favorable: “Oxygen microparticles significantly decreased the degree of hypoxemia in these rabbits, and the incidence of cardiac arrest and organ injury was reduced compared to controls.”

The research shows solid advancement as a technique for short-term rescue but don’t hold your breath for long term use in the future. The research being done is focused on immediate need in emergency cases, such as on the battlefield, in an emergency room, or in an intensive care unit.

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