Who says Tesla is an unsung hero?

-August 23, 2012

A week ago we shared with you that the land Tesla’s last lab sits on is up for sale. There are two interested parties in the land: a not-for-profit group that would like to build a Tesla museum there and a developer who wants to build a “retail establishment.”

The lab, known as Wardenclyffe, is in Shoreham, NY. The not-for-profit group was promised $850,000 from New York state to help it bid against the developer for the land, list priced at $1.6 million.

When we originally posted, the group, known as the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, had raised about $440,000. That was seven days ago. As of this posting, the not-for-profit group has secured nearly $1 million in donations.

Some have pledged their pocket change; some have dug deep into their wallets, like the guys at FragmentsFromOlympus.com who made a $33,333 contribution. Every penny is appreciated by the group.

To be sure, Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe has not secured the land yet and will continue raising funds for the next 38 days. Even if the group does raise enough to compete with the developer’s bid, funds will be needed to outfit the museum, manage it, and maintain it, so the higher the fundraising goes, the better off the effort will be.

In the meantime, such a boom in donations shows appreciation of and celebration for Tesla and all that he contributed to the world. Who says Tesla is an unsung hero? Seems like there are a lot of folks out there who sing his praises.

You can donate and learn more about the not-for-profit’s plans here.

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