The Gadget Smackdown returns!

-February 20, 2014

Don't miss the third-annual, much-anticipated Gadget Smackdown! live at EE Live! April 1-3, 2014.

Are you a geek who has successfully rolled up your shirtsleeves to overcome the kind of diabolical challenges inherent in bringing good engineering ideas to life at work? Do you like to dream up, code, wire, solder, hammer, and glue together weird electronic inventions of your own creation at night and on the weekends? Do you enjoy teaching and/or love to hear yourself talk? And do you live to win?

If so, step up now (and at the same time earn the respect and accolades of your engineering peers!) by entering to participate in our Gadget Smackdown!, happening April 1-2 at 4pm and April 3 at 12pm in the EE Times Fantastical Theater of Engineering Innovation at the EE Live! Conference and Expo at the San Jose Convention Center. It's open to all attendees.

Each contestant will get five minutes in front of a live audience to present a brief overview, in 20 slides or less, of the general operating principles of his or her gadget, demo it, and convince the audience of its merits. The winner will be selected based on the readings of a digital applause-o-meter, which itself will be entered into the competition by its developer.

Also expect to see an exciting entry this year by TI's Jason Kridner, shown below with his legendary Beaglebone StacheCam. (Check out his matching plastic stache ring!)

If you're interested (and we really hope you are!), please submit the following information to
  • Name
  • Email
  • Description of gadget
  • Photos and/or supplementary documentation

You can register to purchase an All-Access Pass for EE Live! 2014 or to attend the free expo here. EE Live! is owned by UBM Tech, EDN's parent company. Follow updates about EE Live! programs and sessions on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ and get more information on the March 31-April 3, San Jose-based event here.

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