Brief history of scopes

-February 07, 2012

I have been serving as interim editor over at scope junction, and wanted to share a little bit of history that I dug up on the oscilloscope. It all began when I stared watching a video on YouTube called "Scopes for Dopes." Yes, ordinarily I would run from something with Dopes in its title, but the reviews were excellent. And, it was from a seminar run by some hams, so how could it be bad?!

Well, I still have much more of the video to watch, but the early part on the history of the scope really intrigued me, and it inspired me to do a little research myself. (How could I possibly resist the opportunity to bounce around the web looking for scope history...) If you want to check it out, follow the jump directly to scope junction to hear what I found out, and see some cool old pictures of the earliest scopes.

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