Lighten Up! The top five LED joke finalists—Time to vote

-October 01, 2013

Okay we had several entries—some were downright cute—some were hard to fathom being in the category of jokes, but maybe that’s just me. Below are the top five finalists. Now, I’d like you to put your vote in the comment section – only one vote per person, please. You can just put the number of the joke, or you can copy it in—it’s up to you.

For the rest of you and those of you who didn’t have the courage to play, there’s a whole year until Contest #3…


1)  You can't poison a LED.

LEDs have a built in anode-dote.

Submitted by: Stephen M.


2) LED's will never be ROHS compliant. You'll never get the led out.

Submitted by Stephen M.


3) It would have been a bright idea, but instead, that last joke went over like a LED balloon...

Submitted by Jeremy Willden


4) Seen on a billboard: 

We Install LED Lights
Rectifying Your Lighting Problems since 2010

Submitted by Jeremy Willden


5)  Q: Mr. John Lennon, what do you predict about the future of the light bulb ?

A: LED it be.

Submitted by emulder

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