Gain power management prowess at DESIGN West 2013

-April 11, 2013

EPC’s CEO, Alex Lidow, is the co-inventor of the HEXFET power MOSFET and, in addition to holding positions in R&D and manufacturing, was the CEO of International Rectifier for 12 years. For more than 35 years it has been Lidow’s mission to create new semiconductors that improve our ability to efficiently convert and use energy.

Lidow along with Johan Strydom, VP of apps engineering at EPC, will be presenting “Emerging applications for GaN transistors” at DESIGN West 2013 in San Jose on April 23.

Sign up before the class fills up. Lidow will also be signing copies of his book “GaN transistors for efficient power conversion.”

The rest of the Low-Power Design track will be just as beneficial to your added expertise in power management design. You will learn hands-on basics, how to maximize battery life, techniques of wireless power management for battery power, low-power benchmarking, power in embedded audio by Dolby Labs, Energy Harvesting, analog interfaces for low power and more.


Lidow’s presentation will be on April 23 at DESIGN West, hosted by UBM Tech. Register here.

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