Maxwell ultracaps power a Caterpillar behemoth

-October 30, 2013

Caterpillar’s model 6120B H FS hydraulic shovel weighs 1,400 tons and is several stories high. This massive machine uses 98 hardened, 125V ultracap modules per machine.

The world’s largest hydraulic mining shovel (Image courtesy of Caterpillar)

The ultracaps enable the power system in the 6120B to recouperate kinetic energy as the shovel turns and moves up and down. This extra energy is used to supplement the main power system by helping power the hydraulic system when the machine requires peak power, such as during the digging portion of the cycle. This increases fuel efficiency up to 25% by hydra-electric regenerative technologies and a unique energy storage system.

Watch this video by Caterpillar on YouTube:

125 Volt Transportation Modules

Maxwell Technologies’ 125V Heavy Transportation series of ultracapacitor modules is a high performance energy storage product line for hybrid buses, trucks, trolleys, light rail, mining, construction and seaport cranes. Each model incorporates balancing, monitoring and thermal management capabilities to ensure industry-leading charge/discharge performance, high reliability and long operational life.

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