Best of the Web: November 2nd 2012

-November 02, 2012

This is a consolidated view of the best things that other people have written on the web over the past week that are about EDA and IP, with an emphasis on the interesting and technical rather than on products and marketing. Please let me know if you have something you would like to see included. I have also added a section about blogs within the UBM family as well so that the list is more complete.

My favorite for the week is:
Cadence’s Frank Schirrmeister talks about a CDN presentation that discussed “How many cycles are needed to verify ARM’s big.LITTLE on Palladium XP?” and concludes that no one technology can do it all.

From within the network:
Carbon’s Andy Ladd provides some interesting case studies on the EDA Designline that show how people are successfully deploying virtual prototyping.

Max is getting all excited about defense grade programmable devices over on All Programmable Planet and tries to explain the extra steps a manufacturer has to go through.

And some other great entries include:
Mike Jensen from Mentor asks the question about how expertise can be passed on from one generation of engineers to the next and equates it to a concert given by a usic teacher and her students in “Preserving Expertise

J VanDomelen from Mentor continue to look at some space history and talks about “Space Shuttle Endeavour - the Phoenix

provides some information about “Endevour” including where the name came from.

and talks about Endeavor’s last journey in “Tight Squeeze

Mentor’s John Day talks about the problems overcome in WiFi that will enable it to displace Bluetooth in “More Wi-Fi coming to cars

Cadence’s Richard Goering reports on a panel held at their Low Power Technology Summit in which he concludes that “Low Power Design Needs System-Level Boost

Richard also reports on an  ARM TechCon presentation titled “Inside Story of a 14nm FinFET Tapeout” that talks about Cadence’s experiences associated with fabricating an ARM Cortex-M0 processor using IBM's FinFET process technology.

Dennis Brophy asks “Ready for 100 billion “things” connected by the Internet?” and talks about an IEEE workshop on the subject.

Brian Bailey – keeping you covered

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