Best of the Web: November 16th 2012

-November 16, 2012

This is a consolidated view of the best things that other people have written on the web over the past week that are about EDA and IP, with an emphasis on the interesting and technical rather than on products and marketing. Please let me know if you have something you would like to see included. I have also added a section about blogs within the UBM family as well so that the list is more complete.

My favorite for the week is:

It is a tie. I really liked both of these posts, so two winners this week

Synopsys’s Navraj Nandra talks about “Reducing PCI Express 3.0 “fuzz” with multi-tap filters

Cadence’s Richard Goering talks about a Cadence fellow “Bill Beausoleil, 1950s Computer Pioneer, Shapes RTL Emulation Technology Today

From within the network:

Jan Decaluwe writes in All Programmable Planet “MyHDL: A Reference Model for Cellular Automata” and programming the game of life.

In the EDA Designline I conducted an interview with Atrenta’s Manoj Bhatnagar “IP integration is hard” related to the announcement of the TSMC IP9000 program update.

And some other great entries include:

Cadence’s Richard Goering talks about a new series of webinars that are available about “Variation-Aware Analysis for Advanced Node Design

Mentor’s Mike Jensen laments how difficult it is to “teach” people good design methodologies because companies consider it their trade secret in “Sharing Tool Expertise”. On a similar note you may want to check out a webinar about flows and frameworks that I did.

Asset’s Alan Sguigna talks about “PRBS31 and Validation of High-Speed SerDes” and finding pattern sets that balance test time and confidence levels.

Also from Asset, Glenn Woppman talks about “ITC 2012 - IJTAG gains momentum big time

In Verification Martial Arts, haribali explains about “Reusable Sequences in UVM

Mentor’s Colin Walls talks about the paradox of his shyness and his desire to present in “Are you shy”. Colin and I share being introverts.

Sonics’ Jack Browne talks about a Hogan paper in “Read This! Choose a NoC That Keeps your SoC from Being a Rock”. Too bad it appeared in the industry's gossip rag.

Brian Bailey – keeping you covered

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