Best of the Web: November 30th 2012

-November 30, 2012

Cadence’s Bob Dwyer writes about “The Case for the Tiny Testcase” and how difficult they can be to create and yet important to really understand the problem.

Cadence’s Frank Schirrmeister says it is all about power these days in “Optimizing ARM Based Designs for Low Power using Emulation

Cadence’s Richard Goering asks “Is Fast SPICE Simulation Hitting a Wall?” but provides only a hint of a solution in the works.

Mentor’s Colin Walls talks about a session “The Impact of Compiler Options on Energy Consumption in Embedded Platforms” at NMI

Mentor’s John Day went to a battery show and tells us about “New battery technology

Mentor’ Kamran Shah talks about “Driving innovation and creating cool devices through crowdfunding and entrepreneurship” and there have been some notable success stories recently.

Altera’s Ron Wilson says “The Era of 20 nm Systems Approaches” and talks about some of the problems overcome to get there.

Do you have a problem with a closing eye? If so this free ebook may be of interest to you from Asset. “Bandwidth tests reveal shrinking eye diagrams and signal integrity problems.

Mentor’s Andrew Patterson asks vendors “Do try and keep up - GENIVI 3.0 Release” as he tracks the number of companies compliant with each release.

Mentor’s Christopher Hallinan writes about “BeagleBone and 6502 - The Ultimate Geek Toys” based on a session at Embedded Linux Conference – Europe, enabling the Linux RemoteProc facilities to manage it and treat it as a Linux remote processor resource.

Mentor’s Dennis Brophy talks about the contents of the “Coverage Cookbook “ recently added to the Verification Academy.

Cadence’s Richard Goering says “Udacity Brings Higher Education to the World” and talks about a functional hardware verification class coming next year.

Mentor’s Paul Johnston talks about “Distance no object - time holds no dread.” and relates stories about knowledge transfer and some pictures of Germany.

It has been a while since Mentor’s J VanDomelen gave us some snippets about the space program, but he is back with “NASAs’ Space Shuttles Final Endeavor”, “Finally Home” where Endeavour finds its resting place, “Look Ma No Hands” where he talks about Unmanned aerial vehicles, “U.S. Drone Under Fire Near Iran” and “Flying Spy Robots”. I am going to have to give this guy the award for being the most prolific!

Mentor’s Colin Walls talks all about “USB 3.0” and what it means to software developers.
Synopsys’ Nithya Ruff goes to Barcelona and asks “What does the Sagrada Familia and Embedded Linux have in common?

Arteris’s Kurt Shuler responds to the Jim Hogan assessment of Network on Chip architectures with “Hogan NoC analysis - Sonics SGN, Arteris FlexNoC, ARM NIC 400: Setting the record straight

Cadence’s Richard Goering promotes another webinar titled “New Technology Attacks the Verification Debug Bottleneck”. This one does at least contain some information that is useful in a standalone sense.

Over on VIP Central, Hari Balisetty talks about “Virtual Sequences in UVM: Why? How?”. Lots of code examples in this one.

Cadence’s Pete Hardee shares some findings about future power saving technique adoption in “Perspective on Power: 2012 Survey Predicts 2013 as the Year of DVFS

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