DesignCon 2016: 4 unexpected things

-January 26, 2016

I've now been to six years of DesignCon. For all of those years, I've seen high-speed signals and the things that you'd expect to go with them: high-speed oscilloscopes showing eye diagrams, network analyzers and time-domain reflectometers showing S-parameters, connectors, backplanes, reference boards, and so on. Here are four things I would have never expected to see at DesignCon.

Power supplies and DMMs
The Rigol booth featured this bench DMM (top) and power supply in addition to its oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers.

Even more unusual were these open-frame power supplies from SL Power Electronics. The company markets these power supplies for test & measurement equipment makers. The company also exhibited "brick" power supplies.

Automated device handler
DesignCon is a conference and exhibition primarily for design, verification, and characterization engineers. Automated device handlers are common at manufacturing shows, but that didn't stop Chroma ATE. The company exhibited a device handler that picks up an IC from a tray, delivers it to a test fixture, and deposits the tested device in another tray. The video below shows the handler in action.

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