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-August 17, 2016

Although EDN is online only now, we used to have editorial offices with an impressively long list of technical editors, copy editors, artists, layout people, and even an office manager. Where were those offices? I'll show you, as best I can, the locations. You'll even see the location of EDN's print archives collection. That's a story in itself, told on the last page.

Most of EDN's offices were in the Boston area, but the first two were in Colorado. Those two buildings have been torn down and as much as I tried, I couldn’t come up with photos. I even contacted the public libraries in Englewood and Denver, but no photos exist of the locations when they were EDN's home. So, I did the best I could: EDN contributor Kenneth Wyatt, a Colorado resident, took photos of the locations where EDN's offices once were.

Originally Electrical Design News, a Rogers Publication, EDN's original address was 3375 S. Bannock St., Englewood, CO. Today, that location is an apartment building that was completed in 2016.

EDN's first office was located at 3375 S. Bannock, Englewood, Colorado. This is the current building at that location. Photo by Kenneth Wyatt.

Soon after Electrical Design News began publication, the editors began using the EDN acronym on internal pages. In 1961, Cahners Publishing of Boston acquired Rogers. The letters EDN started appearing on the cover in 1961, but the words "Electrical Design News" remained under the letters for several years.

The letters EDN appeared on the cover beginning in April, 1961.

In the mid-1960s, EDN moved to new offices at 270 St. Paul St. in Denver. The photo below shows the current building, built in the early 1990s. It's home to a law firm and a high-end men's clothier.

EDN's second home at 270 St. Paul St. in Denver. This is the current building at that location. Photo by Kenneth Wyatt.

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