A day in the life as an engineer's wife

-February 07, 2013

We at EDN love engineers. Really, we do. We love them so much that some of the team here, who are engineers themselves, are married to other engineers.

But even the truest of the true engineers can admit that sometimes -- just sometimes -- spending your life with an EE can be challenging.

Here’s a short video from the wife of an engineer. She’s a newlywed and, while presumably happily married, makes some good, humorous points about being married to an engineer.

If you’re not an engineer yourself, but are the husband or wife of one, you’ll find parallels. If you’re a married engineer, well, pay attention. Your spouse will thank you.

Take it with a grain of salt and enjoy. And if you have your own words of wisdom from a happy marriage to an engineer, share it below.

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