Bling for engineers

-February 07, 2013

Wondering what to get that special someone for Valentine’s Day?

Jewelry is among the more popular gifts to express love. But a bland silver necklace or gold band can be so impersonal and boring, especially when you’re looking for a gift for someone as creative as an engineer.

Here are a few inspired pieces for men and women that may shine as bright as your love (or at least the upcycled materials they are made of).

Circuit Board Cufflinks

Add a little bling to your man’s wrists with these circuit board cufflinks. Amazon, $34.99

I <3 math

Math isn’t just useful, but beautiful with these mathematical symbol pendants. Similar earrings are also available. Think Geek, $24.99

Bright, light, and electronic

Make sure she positively glows when she opens your gift! These LED earrings are far from high-end jewelry but could be a memorable accessory. Amazon, $10.99


iNecklance, an open-source aluminum pendant, is machined with a "screw in backing." The pendant contains a circuit board with pulsating LED and battery. Adafruit, $75

Gear ring

The stainless steel Gear Ring features micro-precision gears that turn in unison when the outer rims are spun. Watch the below video to see the ring in action. Kinekt, $165

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