6 of Apple’s biggest failures

-September 06, 2013

There’s an image that’s been floating around the Internet this summer, depicting success.

We’d like to think success is a nice, clean ride to the top, a “they can do no wrong” ride for the chosen ones. But, no, it’s really more of a messy climb, where one slips and slides more than they succeed, ultimately getting themselves on an upward, but wobbly trajectory.

When Apple makes its formal iPhone announcement on Tuesday, in will do so for the first time with some actual competition. Samsung’s mobile devices are starting to nip at Apple’s sales, with more and more former iPhone owners are moving to Galaxy devices.

Now, we’re not saying that Apple’s offering will fail to meet anticipation next week, nor are we saying they won’t sell. But the prospect of Apple not being number 1 hasn’t occurred in a while.

This has us thinking of how Apple made its way to success – like the image suggests, it was a messy ride to the top – and the failures that got it where it is today.

Flip through the following Apple failures and share your own thoughts on failing (not falling) into success.
And if you can’t wait until Tuesday to see what’s in the next iPhones, we share our best predictions here.
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