Santa answers letters from test engineers

-December 23, 2015

Ho Ho Ho!

Santa here. Larry has graciously allowed me to guest blog again at Test Cafe.

It’s good timing. I’ve been hammered by letters from test engineers lately, and I thought I’d share a few. So take a few moments to refill that spiked eggnog drink of yours, and I’ll review my favorites. Let me start with a letter from Crammed in Crested Butte:

Dear Santa,

We have very little space on the manufacturing floor for test equipment. However, the complexity of the products is requiring more and more equipment. How can I get it all to fit onto the factory floor?

Crammed in Crested Butte

Dear Crammed,

I got you covered. Three years ago the North Pole converted completely to modular instruments. You can read all about it in a Harvard Business Review case study: North Pole: Modular Instrument Success Story. Modular has been great for us. The elves love all the speed they are able to crank out of the modular systems, and the reindeer like the smaller size and lower weight as they move the systems around in the off season. We refer to PXI as “Presents for Xmas In time”. The modules make great stocking stuffers too.  Don’t be a Scrooge. Join the modular revolution and never look back.


My next letter is from Stressed in Seattle…

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