EMC Symposium 2013

-August 19, 2013

The annual IEEE Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) was held August 5 through 9 at the Denver Convention Center. EMC engineers and EMC-related vendors from all over the world met to present the latest technical information, as well as the latest products and services.

Figure 1 A portion of the vendor booths.

Some of the new vendors this year included, electromagnetic modeling tools developer, CST, high-power filter company, Tri-Mag, Microwave Journal magazine, and Reliant EMC, which reps for York EMC Services, OnFilter, Spitzenberger & Spies, and Laplace Instruments. Other new vendors included SGS, a large testing company, Amphenol Canada, test lab Elite Electronic Engineering in Chicago, Michigan Scientific, which manufactures a battery-powered fiber optic link, filter company, WEMS Electronics and Rigol Electronics, a manufacturer of low-cost test & measurement products.

New products that caught my eye included a portable site survey system from Rohde & Schwarz with interchangeable antennas, GPS, and mapping on the handheld spectrum analyzer (Figure 2). They also sell a turn-key EMC troubleshooting kit that includes a LP antenna, broadband preamp and set of near-field probes.

 Figure 2 Rohde & Schwarz introduced a portable site survey system with handheld antenna/GPS that records the survey data on a mapping application within the analyzer.

Würth Electronics announced several new products, including a unique wireless charging coil, a universal contact finger for grounding assemblies and a couple magnetically-shielded inductors for SMPS designs. They were also displaying their newest handbooks, Trilogy of Connectors and The LTSPICE IV Simulator: Manual Methods and Applicationsboth of which I'll be reviewing shortly. Fischer Custom Communications had developed a new coupling clamp and bulk current injection clamp for the upcoming IEC 61000-4-6 (Ed. 4) changes.

Com-Power is selling a unique small battery-powered 2W (+33 dBm) power amplifier that could be used to generate a localized RF field for radiated immunity pre-compliance testing (Figure 3). Andro Computational Solutions introduced an upgrade to their Expert CEM progressive modeling software toolkit, now in version 2.0. Haefely introduced their new Axos 8 integrated conducted immunity system and AR has a smaller line of "S"-series amplifiers.

Figure 3 Com-Power's new 33 dB gain battery-powered preamplifier, model PAM-103) that could potentially be used with a tracking generator for localized radiated immunity testing.

CKC Laboratories announced their new capability for HIRF testing up to 3,000 V/m for DO-160E/F/G.

SciTech Publishing released several new books, including The EMC Pocket Guide, authored by Randy Jost and myself (Figure 4), Lightning Electromagnetics (over 1000 pages!), by Vernon Cooray, Electromagnetic Measurements in the Near Field, by Pawel Bienkowski and Hubert Trzaska. I might mention The EMC Pocket Guide may be customized with your own logo cover for promotional purposes.

Figure 4 The new EMC Pocket Guide, by Randy Jost and Kenneth Wyatt sold out quickly.

For those looking for employment, I noticed Milpitas, CA, test lab, SIEMIC, was hiring a wide range of engineers, technicians, and managers. Those interested should contact Mark Maynard, Director of Marketing and Business Development, at (408) 526-1188 ext. 216. Also looking for experienced EMC engineers was Apple (CA) and Bose Electronics (MA). Those interested in working for Bose, should contact Tara Broadhurst, Senior Technical Recruiter, at (508) 766-9479.

Best Symposium Paper was awarded to three papers: A Wide-band Hybrid Antenna for use in Reverberation Chambers (Andrew Marvin, York EMC Services), Map-based Analysis of IEMI Fault Injection into Cryptographic Devices (Yuichi Hayashi, et al, Tokyo University) and Experimental Validation of an 8 GHz EBG Based Common Mode Filter and Impact of Manufacturing Uncertainties (Francesco de Paulis, et al, University of L'Aquila). The best student paper was Emulation of Conducted Emissions of an Automotive Inverter for Filter Development in HV Networks (Martin Reuter, University of Stuttgart).

Figure 5 The crowd at the annual awards luncheon. Photo by Patrick André.

There were several EMC Experiments sessions, which were very popular with the attendees. Several regular presenters again wowed the crowds with their presentations. These included Jim Drewniak, Tom Van Doren, Bill Kimmel (with Bill Byrom), Doug Smith, Arturo Mediano, and myself. Others included Jerry Meyerhoff, Joe Tannehill, Jennifer Kitaygorski, John McCloskey, Louann Devine (who drew a large crowd), Pablo Narvaez, Tim McDonald, Makoto Sugihashi, Chris Semanson, Marlize Schoeman. and Scott Piper.

Figure 6 Ken Wyatt's EMC Experiments session on spread spectrum clocking demonstrated the difference between frequency hopping and "chirped" spread spectrum. Photo by Patrick André.

Figure 7 Tom Van Doren's Experiments session on cable shielding and grounding always draws a large crowd.
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