Review: The Aaronia BicoLOG 30100X and HyperLOG 7060 EMI antennas

-July 01, 2015

The majority of my work includes troubleshooting and pre-compliance testing for clients and I’m always on the lookout for useful EMI equipment to make my job easier. I’ve known of the various antennas by Aaronia AG, a company based in the small country town of Strickscheid, Germany, but until recently, have never had a chance to try any out. Manuel Pinten, sales manager at Aaronia (email:, offered to let me borrow a BicoLOG 30100X (30 to 1000 MHz active antenna with attached 40 dB preamp) and a HyperLOG 7060 (700 MHz to 6 GHz log-periodic) for the purposes of this review. The antennas arrived in a nice quality custom padded transport case (Figure 1), along with extra coaxial cables, battery charger for the preamplifier, two tripods, a very nice pistol-grip tripod head, some extra tripod antenna spacers, and the calibration data for the two antennas on CD-ROM (Figure 2).

Figure 1 - The antenna kit as received includes the 30100X BicoLOG and HyperLOG 7060 antennas with all the accessories. The HyperLOG 7060 and larger tripod were optional extras, apart from the main kit for the BicoLOG antenna.

Figure 2 - The contents of the kit as received. The larger tripod and HyperLOG antenna were extras included for evaluation.

Basic Descriptions

The BicoLOG 30100X was my primary interest, as it could be used for most of my troubleshooting and pre-compliance testing in the 30 to 1000 MHz range. It is a shortened biconical dipole with elements of painted metal. Attached to the “X” model is a small 40 dB gain broadband preamplifier good from 30 to 1000 MHz (but with useable gain to 6 GHz; see Figure 11). The antenna has a standard 1/4-inch camera tripod mount. The preamplifier is mounted piggyback at the rear of the antenna. Both antenna and preamplifier were of the typical German high quality construction.

Figure 3 - The BicoLOG 30100X 30 to 1000 MHz biconical dipole active antenna with attached 40 dB gain preamplifier. The antenna connector is SMA.

Figure 4 - The 30100X antenna mounted to the larger aluminum tripod, which may be extended to just over 1m in height. While perfect for these two antennas, the light weight design does not lend itself to larger EMI antennas.

Aaronia supplied measured data for gain and antenna factor (Figures 5 and 6) for the BicoLOG 30100X and it’s interesting to note that, because of the high gain preamplifier, the antenna factors are all negative. This requires they be subtracted from the calculation of E-field, rather than added. In actual use, the output from this active antenna is high enough, you won’t likely require additional preampfification in your spectrum analyzer or EMI receiver. Aaronia also wished to make clear that these gain and antenna factor curves are not “smoothed”, as many other manufacturers present the data.

Figure 5 - The measured gain (dBi) of the BicoLOG 30100X antenna (data courtesy, Aaronia AG).

Figure 6 - The measured antenna factors for the BicoLOG 30100X antenna (data courtesy, Aaronia AG).

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