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-April 27, 2012

I just received an email from Sherry Huss, who is Maker-in-Chief over at Make Magazine and Maker Faire. Sherry started off by saying:

Hi Max – I just wanted to make sure that you are aware of MAKE's Hardware Innovation Workshop (15-16 May 2012) that we have just announced.

It is the first business conference that MAKE is delivering and we are bringing together leaders in the hardware space to talk about what is happening in this world
This will be a hands-on showcase of compelling devices, products, and platforms that are shaping the future of manufacturing and the global economy.
The Maker Movement is transforming business, and this is the place to meet the players and see all of the new products.

Sherry also provided a link for more information (Click Here). So I bounced over to discover all sorts of things. The following snippets came from their site:

MAKE magazine hosts an inspired conversation and curated tour of the unique culture, enabling technologies, and innovations of the maker movement.

As open source software did for the rapid proliferation and growth of the Web economy, open source hardware has been the key accelerator inspiring innovations in design, products and devices from makers at the forefront of the maker movement.

Already, critical areas dependent on new technology—such as medical devices and scientific instrumentation—are deploying some of this early innovation. What's more, opportunities are rife for the integration of software and hardware devices to optimize processes and products.

MAKE will present a hands-on showcase of compelling devices, products, and platforms that are shaping the future of manufacturing and the global economy. Get up close and personal with the makers of these pioneering innovations that have the power to make and move markets.

Join 300 of your peers: market influencers and thought-leaders: Web and technology innovators, IT leaders, Fortune 500 companies, brand strategists, industrial designers, investors, startup incubators, and analysts whose businesses and vested interests may be the first beneficiaries of these innovations.

Mark your calendars for this premiere event to:
  • Meet the makers (and their companies) at the forefront of the maker movement
  • Experience the new products, technologies, and processes based on most promising hardware innovation
  • Join the conversation about the next wave of innovation destined to have sweeping impact
  • Connect with the thought-leaders and market framers who identify and track emerging technology and innovation trends

This Hardware Innovation Workshop will be hosted by Dale Dougherty, founder and publisher of MAKE, the first magazine devoted to celebrating the community of individuals who create, build, design, tinker, hack, and invent.

I love Make magazine and the Maker Faire, so I really hope I can make it to this workshop...

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