What's your favorite geek movie?

-August 15, 2013

question-mark.jpgIn a recent 5 Engineers post — part of this blog where we toss out a question and invite our audience to respond with their wittiest answers — we asked: What would you do for a living if you were not an engineer?

Some great responses have been posted, many of which have to do with improving things and the world we live in (big surprise, engineers like to create better things, no matter what their line of work). Visit this page to share your own answer to that question.

So far, no one has said film maker or actor. Between that and this week’s release of JOBS, we’ve got movies on our minds.

So here’s our question for the week: What’s your favorite geek film and why? It can be anything with a sci-fi, geek undertone — Star Wars, Back to the Future (my personal fav), Revenge of the Nerds, War Games, whatever.

Post your short answers below. Be sure to stay tuned to this blog for more 5 Engineers questions in the weeks to come.

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Editor's note: This story was originally posted on  May 2, 2012, and edited on August 15, 2013.

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