What question would you like to ask?

-October 05, 2012

So very true is that engineers, overall, like to question. After all, how else do you learn if not by questioning.

That’s one of the reasons we started “Voice of the Engineer” posts (formerly known as "5 Engineers") at EDN. But we’ve been the ones doing the questioning, asking what you think/feel/believe about this and that.

So for this week’s question we’re asking: What question would you like to ask? What question would you liked posed here to the community of engineers and management that visit EDN.com? What do you want to ask your peers?

Post your short answer below and we’ll consider it for future Voice of the Engineer posts. Be sure to stay tuned to this blog for more questions in the weeks to come.

Editor's note: This post was edited on September 27, 2013.

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