5 Engineers: What should be taught in Engineering 101?

-January 31, 2013

Welcome to our 5 Engineers section, part of this blog and our Fun Friday newsletter, where we toss out a question and invite our audience to respond with their wittiest answers.

We’re featuring an excerpt from the book "Electrical Engineering 101, Third Edition" on EDN.com this week. The excerpt explains how, by understanding unit math, you can solve nearly any problem. It also touches on the fact that 101 courses often don’t touch on much. In fact, in many cases, the courses offer little memorable information or experience.

So this week, we’re asking: What should be taught in Engineering 101? There’s no one better to plan such a course than experienced engineers like yourselves. Looking back from where you sit, years into your careers, what would you like to see introduced to those considering majoring in engineering?

Post your short answer to the question below, or share your own question here and we’ll consider it for future 5 Engineers posts.

Be sure to stay tuned to this blog for more 5 Engineers questions in the weeks to come.

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