What’s your advice to this year’s engineering grads?

-May 02, 2013

Welcome to our 5 Engineers section, part of this blog and our Fun Friday newsletter, where we toss out a question and invite our audience to respond with their wittiest answers.

Spring has sprung here on the East Coast and with it comes a fresh graduating class. I follow my alma mater via social media and at this time of the year the school is prepping its May graduates for the “real world.”

There’s really not much more prep one can do with just days left before donning a cap and gown. The best a soon-to-be graduate can do is listen to the advice of those who have walked before them and now are out in that real world.

This week’s question is: What’s your advice to this year’s engineering grads? What do you wish someone had told you when you were a fresh-faced engineer just out of school?

Post your short answers below and be sure to stay tuned to this blog for more 5 Engineers questions in the weeks to come!

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