SBC combines Ethernet, GPIB for test, industrial apps

October 16, 2003

SBC combines Ethernet, GPIB for test, industrial apps

Randolph, N.J. - Tidal Engineering's SBC488E single-board computer combines Ethernet connectivity with an IEEE 488/general-purpose interface bus (GPIB) controller for test instrumentation and industrial control applications.

This embedded device, which packs a TCP/IP stack, is a swap-in replacement for Tidal's legacy SBC488A. It too is fully supported by Z-World's Dynamic C Premier development system, and measures the same 6.5 x 4 inches.

Designed for a wide range of IEEE 488 and RS-232/RS-485 applications requiring fast, flexible control of precision power supply, RF test equipment and laboratory instruments, the SBC488E is billed as a complete OEM turnkey solution for use in demanding test environments, including RF signal analyzers and switching arrays, digital voltmeters, data loggers, power supplies, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, environmental chambers and function generators.

Powered by an on-board Rabbit Semiconductor R3000 processor operating at either 25 or 44 MHz, the board has networking capability provided by either a Realtek Semiconductor (RTL8019AS) 10Base-T or ASIX Electronics (AX88796AL) 100Base-T Ethernet controller.

The standard SBC488E includes up to 512k flash and 512k SRAM and features a MultiMediaCard interface to support up to 512 Mbytes of additional flash memory for low-cost data logger storage.

In 25-unit quantities, pricing for a 25-MHz SBC488E with a 10Base-T Ethernet controller starts at $295 each. Delivery is stock to four weeks.

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