Toshiba licenses SMSC technology for display SoCs

-April 13, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO — Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has licensed Media Local Bus technology from chip maker Standard Microsystems Corp. (SMSC) for integration into its Capricorn system-on-chip (SoC) devices to provide an interface to a media-oriented system transport (MOST) automotive multimedia network, the companies said Thursday (April 13). Financial terms of the licensing agreement were not disclosed.

With the integration of MediaLB, Capricorn ICs will be capable of interfacing with existing and upcoming MOST speed grades and physical layers, the companies said. MOST is said to be a de facto industry standard for automotive multimedia networking, deployed by most major European automobile manufacturers.

"Players in the automotive environment are increasingly seeking ways to connect high bandwidth consumer applications into standard automobile networks based on MOST," said Christian Thiel, managing director of the automotive infotainment systems group at SMSC(Hauppauge, N.Y.). "In providing [Toshiba] a dedicated connectivity interface through MediaLB, we succeed in creating a more open and efficient environment that not only meets strict design requirements but enhances the end user experience."

According to Toshiba, MOST multimedia networking technology enables new classes of multimedia applications in automobiles through facilitating the transport of real-time streaming multimedia, control and packet information over a single optical fiber or twisted pair wire, eliminating the need to run multiple wires throughout a vehicle.

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