Comms group releases ACTA interop, test documents

-February 09, 2007

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Communications Platform Trade Association (CP-TA), a group of 25 manufacturers, including Intel, Motorola, Nortel and Hewlett-Packard, has released two documents related to the Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture.

The Interoperability Compliance Document 1.0 and Test Procedure Manual 1.0 describe how to develop multivendor ATCA platforms, and test them according to common rules.

CP-TA released the documents in conjunction with a system-level telecom equipment alliance, the Scope Alliance. Both groups are members of a larger coalition called the Mountain View Alliance, which also includes PCMIG, Optical Internetworking Forum, RapidIO Trade Association, Open Communication Architecture Forum and the Service Availability Forum.

The groups are collaborating on efforts to make telecom equipment conform to open standards for physical layers, backplanes, higher-layer software framing and service requests.

CP-TA said it plans to have a third-party interoperability lab in operation by the fourth quarter of 2007. It is intended to create a certification program for equipment developed under the new standards.

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