Qualcomm pays $32M for content-targeting software maker

-March 11, 2008

Qualcomm Inc today announced that it has acquired Xiam Technologies Ltd, an Ireland-based maker of content-targeting software, for $32 million.

The deal gives Qualcomm Xiam's My Personal Offers System (MPOS) technology,  which profiles an individual consumer and makes personalized recommendations, such as one-to-one mobile advertising, that can be delivered over a wireless network. The deal is Qualcomm’s latest effort to investment in the wireless Internet applications space. Previous such ventures include MediaFLO mobile TV technology and the “Android” wireless applications platform initiative announced through the Google-lead Open Handset Alliance

“Qualcomm's acquisition of Xiam provides us with advanced content discovery and recommendation technology that strengthens Qualcomm's services portfolio,” said Andrew Gilbert, executive VP of San Diego-based Qualcomm, in a statement. “With this acquisition, we are excited to further demonstrate our ongoing commitment to operators, brands and consumers worldwide.”

Qualcomm said it will continue to offer MPOS as a standalone product through Xiam as a wholly owned subsidiary, as well as offer the targeting technology as part of its core products to mobile operators.

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