ITC: Verigy and Test Insight team up on STIL

-October 25, 2006

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Verigy and Test Insight have announced the Verigy STIL Reader/Writer for creating and debugging test programs used with the Verigy V93000 SOC tester.

"Building on Test Insight’s leading tool technology, this new tool will help our customers in adopting STIL for accelerating their time-to-market," said Hans-Juergen Wagner, VP and GM, Semiconductor Test Solutions, Verigy. "With this new and integrated capability, semiconductor manufacturers can take full advantage of the V93000 leading-edge platform technology in a standard-compliant tooling environment."

The new STIL Reader/Writer allows test engineers to directly translate formatted test data in the IEEE standard STIL language to V93000 tester binaries. It also provides the capability to read V93000 tester binary patterns, levels, and timing and feed it back to the simulation environment using STIL. In addition it allows incremental translation for modular, collaborative development of test programs as additional test data is integrated to an existing test program, considering all existing predefined test data. The new bidirectional link between V93000 ATE and STIL is designed to integrate seamlessly into semiconductor manufacturers’ established test program generation (TPG) environments.

The STIL Reader/Writer is based on Test Insight's STILlink technology, a processing engine for the STIL language that enables fastest translation times. The STIL Reader/Writer provides full support of the STIL language as defined in IEEE 1450.0-1999, IEEE 1450.1-2005, and IEEE 1450.2-2002, and it supports all of the features of the V93000 test-processor-per-pin architecture. Verigy and Test Insight consider the platform as the basis for supporting future extensions to the STIL language, not only for accelerating time-to-market but also for improving diagnosis capabilities in volume manufacturing for efficient yield learning, lowering the cost per die sold.

"Test Insight's extensive experience in providing design-for-test solutions, in conjunction with Verigy's tight cooperation, enabled us to provide this modular solution. Such modularity allows customers to select the pieces most suitable for their environment," said Meir Gellis, CEO, Test Insight. "The cooperation with Verigy gave us the opportunity to directly address customers' needs with a solution for bringing STIL test data to the tester and translating the results from the tester back to STIL."

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