LeCroy's Fibre Channel analyzer works at up to 8 Gbps

-March 24, 2010

Joining LeCroy's Sierra family of storage protocol analyzers is the SierraFC M8-4, an instrument that operates at Fibre Channel signaling rates of 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, 4 Gbps, and 8 Gbps. This highly portable protocol analyzer also offers 4 Gbytes or 8 Gbytes of recording memory and either two or four recording channels.

The versatile SierraFC is easily integrated within a 19-in. rack, yet is small enough to carry to the field or be deployed as a bench instrument. It comes standard with both USB and Gigabit Ethernet interface ports for connecting to the PC hosting the analysis software. What's more, the Gigiabit Ethernet port can be used for either local or remote network connectivity.

Sierra analysis software features an intuitive GUI that combines easy setup with flexible data-analysis displays. Conventional column-based views of the link layer show handshaking of primitives, as well as complete frame composition. The application-layer view logically assembles frames and ordered sets that are part of a specific exchange. You can view the completion status of any exchange, which is useful in addressing system-level test debugging. Statistical reports provide event and error counters, as well as performance metrics, that give you a snapshot into captured traces and rapid access to items of interest.

The SierraFC's triggering features offer the ability to capture precise traffic conditions, such as timing between events or changes in link state. Triggering capabilities include a 24-level state sequencer, three independent timers, multiple counters, the ability to prefilter at each state, and the ability to assign individual triggers to each port pair.

Prices for the SierraFC M8-4 Fibre Channel protocol analyzer start at $21,950.

LeCroy, www.lecroy.com/web/sierrafc.

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