Boundary-scan package integrates digital oscilloscope

-April 04, 2012

XJTAG and Pico Technology have joined forces to produce XJTAG Expert, an integrated JTAG boundary-scan oscilloscope in a compact, portable package that requires just two USB connections. The PC-based device employs a USB 2.0-to-JTAG adapter to provide a high-speed interface to the JTAG chain on a target circuit board, while leveraging advanced digital features for debug, test, and repair. It also comes with a self-contained license so you can use XJTAG Expert on multiple PCs.

XJTAG Expert combines the functions of a digital oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, waveform and function generator, and serial protocol analyzer. The 200-MHz oscilloscope provides two channels, 128-Msample buffer memory, 8-bit resolution, and 500-Msample/s real-time sampling. ETS (equivalent time sampling) mode boosts the maximum effective sampling rate to 10 Gsamples/s to deliver a more detailed display of repetitive signals.

The spectrum analyzer allows signals up to 200 MHz to be viewed in the frequency domain, while the function generator produces signals such as sine, square, triangle, and DC level. A built-in AWG editor enables waveforms to be created or edited, imported from oscilloscope traces, or loaded from a spreadsheet. In addition, you can use XJTAG Expert to analyze CAN, I2C, SPI, RS-233, and UART protocols.

Along with test clock frequencies of up to 166 MHz, XJTAG Expert accommodates up to four TAP (test access point) connections to the UUT (unit under test), as well as different cable and board configurations. Since it is USB-powered, it requires no external power supply. XJTAG Expert can also supply power to small target boards (3.3 V, <100 mA) to enable testing without a main source of power.


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