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New Portable , High Capacity TP4500 ThermoStream® brings -45/+225 Testing to Benchtop

-July 18, 2007

For immediate release
Temptronic Corporation

Sharon, MA., USA - The new TP4500 ThermoStream® System combines high thermal capacity and portability with a -45º to +225ºC temperature range for testing and characterizing small to large devices to Commercial/Industrial Specifications (-40º/+150ºC). The robust TP4500 is designed for continuous use in a 24/7 production environment as well as a lab setting. Fast temperature transitions (-40º to +125ºC in less than 12 seconds) and 10 scfm airflow ensure high throughput.

Devices of any size and power dissipation, from small NAND Flash to larger FPGAs, BGAs, high power devices and PCBs can be brought to temperature with the TP04500’s high airflow at all temperature setpoints.

Providing high thermal capacity in a very small footprint, the portable TP4500’s Controller and Thermal Head clamp conveniently to the benchtop, requiring minimal workspace. The flexible hose allows for full range of motion when positioning the thermal head at the test site, and Pneumatic Control raises and lowers the TP4500 Thermal Head for ease of operation. The compact Refrigeration Module tucks neatly beneath the workstation.
The versatile TP4500 System is available in 115 Volt or 208 Volt AC models and requires minimal compressed air. No LN2 or CO2 is required. This benchtop system’s compact design and portability make it an ideal thermal solution for device characterization, temperature cycling and testing, including failure analysis at any production facility or test/research lab.

System features include K and T Type thermocouple sensors for direct DUT (Device Under Test) Temperature Control, as well as IEEE-488 and RS232 interfaces for remote operation. The fully programmable system allows the user to create and save thermal cycling sequences, including ramp rate, soak time, number of cycles and “At Temperature” Window.
The TP4500 is a milestone for Temptronic as this portable, high capacity thermal system provides higher throughput and a wider temperature range for testing to Commercial and Industrial Specifications. This system also completes the ThermoStream® product line as Temptronic has been a worldwide leader in higher capacity ThermoStream® Systems (-90º/+225ºC) and ThermoChuck® Systems (-65º/+300ºC) for over 30 years.

Temptronic Corporation, an inTEST Company (Nasdaq: INTT), is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and worldwide support of localized thermal test systems. For more information about the TP4500 ThermoStream® or any of our temperature control systems, please contact Temptronic, 4 Commercial St, Sharon, MA. 02067, USA, Telephone: (781) 688-2300,, email:

PRESS CONTACT: Barry Johnson, Director, Sales and Service – North America, Temptronic Corporation, 781-688-2300, .

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