Active-Semi Devices power solution for Atmel eMPU SAMA5 and SAM9 Series ARM processors

-November 05, 2013

Active-Semi announced reference design solutions for Atmel’s ARM Cortex A5 and ARM9-based eMPUs (Embedded Micro Processor Units) using Active-Semi’s ACT8865 and ACT8945A PMICs (Power Management Integrated Circuits). This embedded solution offers low-power for applications such as smartwatches, wearables, POS (Point-of-Sale) and HMI (Human Machine Interface). These turnkey, highly integrated power IC solutions from Active-Semi fit well with Atmel’s eMPU platform approach by reducing design cycle-time up to 80% and enabling low standby power (under 2mW), critical in conserving battery life in portable applications.

Atmel powered by Active-Semi devices

The two PMICs integrate the complete voltage regulator requirements of Atmel eMPU-based systems, including 3 step-down DC-DC converters and 2 low-dropout (LDO) linear regulators while leaving free 2 additional LDO for auxiliary customer-specific functions. The devices also include pre-configured power rail sequencing that removes the associated design complexity of discrete solution alternatives.

ACT8865 power solution

The ACT8945A also offers an integrated battery charger and ActivePath™ power path management to efficiently manage battery charging.

Both products offer serial communication interfaces to configure and control the operation of the PMICs.


ACT8945A power solution

Active-Semi PMIC Solutions (Power Management IC)


            •ACT8865QI303-T :

                        •7-ch PMIC (3x DCDC, 4x LDOs)

            •ACT8945AQJ303-T :

                        •7-ch PMIC (3x DCDC, 4x LDOs)

                        •Battery charger

                        •Power Path Management (ActivePathTM )


This solution supports NV Memory

            •LP-DDR (1.8V)

            •DDR2 (1.8V)

            •LP-DDR2 (1.2V + 1.8V) (SAMA5 only)


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