Keithley SMU boasts touchscreen

-August 14, 2013

Keithley released its Model 2450 source measure unit (SMU) that offers a capacitive touchscreen graphical user interface. The new SMU is the latest in the company’s SMU line, and it combines the functionality of a power supply, true current source, 6.5 digit multimeter, electronic load, and trigger control. The SMU is positioned to replace I-V systems, curve tracers, and semiconductor analyzers.

Figure 1: 5-inch color touchscreen on the Model 2450 SMU.

When I got to play with the unit recently, I was particularly impressed with its “quick set” menu that automatically sets up a voltmeter, ammeter, ohmmeter, or power supply, as well as its icon-based menu (see figure below).

Figure 2: Icon-based menu structure

Key features:
  • Color, 5-in. touchscreen user interface with an icon-based menu structure (an a navigation knob for alternative control)
  • 100nA, 10nA current range
  • 20 mV voltage range
  • Back panel triax-cable connections
  • Content sensitive help
  • Error and event logging on front panel
  • GPIB, USB 2.0, and LXI/Ethernet communication interfaces
  • D-sub 9-pin digital I/O port (for internal/external trigger signals and handler control)
The Model 2450 has been designed to be integrated into automated test systems.   For instance, the Embedded Test Scrip Processor (TSP) embeds the test programs into onboard non-volatile memory in order to eliminate GPIB traffic issues. The TSP-Link feature is designed for system expansion with up to 32 instruments, including  2450s as well as the company’s 2600B SMU and 3706A switch/multimeter products. The 2450 SMU features a 2450 SCPI operating mode, but it also supports a 2400 SCPI operating mode for backward compatibility.

Price & Availability
US list price: $5400. A version without a front panel is also available. Model 2450 is available now.

More information:
Product web page

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