Analog Devices mixed-signal control processors for industrial motor and solar inverter designs

-October 02, 2013

Editor's note: Besides the ARM Cortex M4 processor, I am impressed with the analog and power aspects of Analog Devices ADSP-40x mixed-signal control processor. The AFE on board is a dual channel, simultaneous sampling 16 bit ADC with 380 ns speed and minimal latency. The ADC controls/monitors current, voltage and position sense (in the motor control app) and is a key part of a Solar PV inverter design in a highly integrated solution.

The PWMs are scalable and dynamically adjustable for single and dual bridge to support one or two motors plus control the power. This IC has a valuable associated design system with demo and application board support for designers to get quick time to market in their motor control or PV solar inverter designs.

Analog Devices launched a mixed-signal control processor that integrates an embedded dual 16-bit A/D converter with up to 14 bits of accuracy together with a 240-MHz floating-point ARM® Cortex-M4 processor core. Equipment manufacturers require highly accurate, closed-loop control in servo, motor-drive, solar photo-voltaic (PV) inverter and other embedded industrial applications to improve the energy efficiency and performance of their products.


Watch these videos to learn more about the capabilities of the new ADSP-CM40x products: 

More accurate/faster ADCs in ADSP-CM40x

High voltage motor control demo platform


Here are some tools and tutorials:

  • The ADSP-CM40x evaluation hardware rapid development EZ-Kit evaluation boards
  • ADI Motor Control and Solar Photo-Voltaic signal chains, technical documents and reference designs resources:

Forty percent of the world’s electric power is consumed by electric motors, and demand for higher levels of factory automation is driving the need for greater industrial-motor power efficiency and performance.



ADSP-40x  has multiple value propositions for motor control like the high performance AFE on board with two-channel 16 bit ADC


Developers of industrial drives are demanding lower power consumption, less torque ripple and more precise speed control. This together with higher precision analog conversion within the closed-loop control scheme is the key enabling technology



Value proposition in grid-tied solar PV inverters


In addition, solar PV has become the largest source of new generation capacity added to the global electricity grid - with a cumulative installation base of 100 GW - and is set to become the fastest growing source of renewable energy generation over the next decade. Increased measurement accuracy, supported by the ADSP-CM40x’s integrated high precision converters, is driven by ever more stringent grid compliance requirements.  This coupled with faster power control loops, fueled by the emergence of GaN (gallium nitride) and SiC (silicon carbide) power switching technologies, are combining to enable significant performance and cost improvements in the next generation of solar PV inverter topologies.



A full solar inverter kit is available



PV inverter development platform block diagram


This series, in addition to its analog conversion performance and 380-ns conversion speeds, provides a number of other features such as a full sinc filter implementation to interface directly to isolated sigma-delta modulators (AD7400A/AD7401A) which are used in shunt-based current sensing system architectures. The availability of an on-chip sinc filter eliminates the cost and engineering resources required to implement that function in an FPGA.



The ADSP-CM40x 1Ku per year volume pricing starts at $8.14.


Model-Based Design Minimizes Time-to-Market by Optimizing Production Code

Through the use of MathWorks’ ARM® Cortex™-M optimized Embedded Coder® and tool suites, Analog Devices is further enhancing system development value by bringing designs from simulation to productized code implementation in an embedded platform.  


Evaluation Board and Product Sample Availability






ADSP-CM403F Evaluation Board with Segger J-Link Lite Emulator



ADSP-CM408F Evaluation Board with Segger J-Link Lite Emulator




ADSP-CM403F 14x14 LQFP

Engineering Grade




ADSP-CM408F 24x24 LQFP

Engineering Grade



Motor control development system platform


For more information visit Analog Devices website

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