Programmable tester handles low volume, high mix

-November 07, 2013

Engineers at facilities that build low volumes of many different products constantly reconfigure test stations. But sometimes, all you need is an easily configurable system for performing functional test, measuring power, and exercising analog and digital inputs.

Bloomy Controls has introduced the compactUTS, a small test system that provides a multimeter, analog and digital I/O, and switching. LabVIEW drivers for each component let you develop test functions. You can then use NI TestStand and an optional UTS Software suite to develop full-scale test sequences.

The compactUTS consists of a USB 6½-digit multimeters, a data-acquisition card that provides analog (16 in, 2 out) and digital I/O (8 TTL-level lines and two 5A, 30V relays), a switching matrix, and a 5V power supply. Additional power of +24V and ±15V is available as an option. The enclosure also has banana jacks for a direct connection to the multimeter. The system also has pass/fail indicators and pushbuttons to start and stop tests. A Virginia Panel i1 interface provides connections to the internal hardware. DUT-specific cables each contain a unique electronic key that software can read and use to select the proper test procedure. Cables have up to 65 test points that operate at voltages to 50V.

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