Power bank solutions by Active-Semi

-November 13, 2013

What are Power bank solutions?

Portable battery packs used to charge your device. Li-ion batteries are recharged with high-current switching chargers. Built-in Apple and Micro USB connectors allow charging of all popular portable devices. We have reviewed a few of these on EDN like the Mophie Juice Pack

The Power bank solutions footprint is shrinking. Active-Semi claims they have the industry’s first fully-integrated, single-chip IC to extend Smart Phone and Tablet computer battery life with the ACT2800 family of SoCs.


Solution footprint



Figure 1: The IC family is a highly integrated solution with integrated charging (buck, boost, battery management, controller and LED user interface) in the Power Path. The solution has 95% efficiency with less than 10 uA current leakage.


Battery protection has integrated OCP, OTP, OVP and SCP.

Application evaluation kits (EVKs) are available for fast time to market.



Figure 2: The simplified implementation of power bank solution using ACT2801 (Output battery charge is 5V@1A) or ACT2802 (Output battery charge is 5V@2A).


The ACT280x family of EVKs supports 4 LEDs for battery charge status indication. Vin is connected to input voltage source which charges the battery attached to Vbat. The mobile device or tablet is connected to Vout to transfer charge either directly from Vin (while also charging battery at Vbat) or charge the mobile device with charge out of the battery (in the event Vin is not connected).


For more information visit the Active-Semi website

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