Agilent debuts high-end oscilloscopes at OFC

March 12, 2014

On March 11, Agilent Technologies announced a new series of high-end oscilloscopes and demonstrated them at OFC in San Francisco. The Infiniium Z-series consists of ten models, for DSO versions and five DSA (Digial-Signal Analyzer) versions with bandwidths from 20 GHz to 63 GHz. All models except the 63 GHz version are upgradable in bandwidth.

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Agilent has taken some of the technology from its 90000-Q series into the Infiniium-Z-Series, such Agilent's RealEdge technology, which, according to the company the Infiniium Z-Series:

Comprises a combination of Agilent-proprietary architectures, next-generation microcircuits/thin-film components, and advanced application of Agilent’s indium phosphide semiconductor process. RealEdge enables high-frequency capability while maintaining the industry’s lowest noise and jitter measurement floors (75 fs).

The new oscilloscopes can, with Agilent software, be connected together to produce a 40-channel measurement system. Such a feature looks like Agilent's response to Teledyne LeCroy's competing LabMaster 10 Zi series.

The Infiniium-Z series feature Agilent's new oscilloscope user interface. See the video below for a live demonstration at OFC.

The best part of the new user interface, and something that you won't see in Agilent's video, is that you can use the capacitive touch-screen to adjust both the time/div and volts/div settings using your fingers. I've been asking every oscilloscope maker for this since I first saw it in the Oscium oscilloscope that connects to the iPad and iPhone. Somebody actually listened to me.

With the announcement, Agilent also announced that customers who have previously purchased the 90000 Q-Series can upgrade their units to Z-Series performance.

Prices range from $201,000 to $453,000.

Infiniium Z-Series product page

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