10-bit oscilloscopes fill gap between lower and higher models

-March 14, 2017

The lower end of the oscilloscope market continues to heat up with Rohde & Schwarz RTB2000 series. "Low end" is, of course a relative term. With prices starting at $1370, the RTB2000 isn't at the very low end but it packs some features typically found in somewhat higher-end models.

Aimed at the IoT market—what isn’t?—and the embedded market, the RTB2000 series consists of a two-channel (RTB2002) and a four-channel (RTB2004) model with bandwidth options of 70 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz, and 300 MHz. A 300 MHz, four-channel mixed-signal model is priced at $4760. You can add 16 logic inputs and a waveform generator with 14-bit resolution (250 Msamples/s) for $770 each. Standard memory depth is 10 Msamples (20 Msamples interleaved) with options to 160 Msamples. Additional options include serial bus triggering and decoding ($540 each for I2C/SPI, UART/RS-232, and CAN/LIN). A history mode and segmented memory option costs $790.


All models come with a 10-in. WXGA capacitive touchscreen that can display up to 50,000 waveforms/s, enough to catch many intermittent signal anomalies. The touchscreen lets you use pinch gestures to adjust time and volts per division and it has an annotate feature that lets you draw right on the screen and add notes. Its dual-window display lets you see each time-domain or frequency-domain waveform in a separate window. The video below provides demonstrations of annotation and dual windows with time-domain and frequency-domain plots.

The RTB2000 series has 10-bit vertical resolution, which provides four times the resolution of typical 8-bit oscilloscopes. That gives you an option between typical 8-bit competitors and the higher-end 12-bit models. The RTB2000 gives you 10-bit resolution for applications where you don't need the higher bandwidth available in Teledyne LeCroy's 10- bit HDO9000 series.

Rohde & Schwarz, RTB2000 series product page

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