Midrange oscilloscope provides 1 GHz bandwidth

-April 13, 2017

text Teledyne LeCroy's Wavesurfer 510 oscilloscope provides 1 GHz bandwidth while sampling at 10 Gsamples/s simultaneously on each of its four channels. Such a high sample rate gives the WaveSurfer 510 an edge of over other 1 GHz oscilloscopes such as the Rohde & Schwarz RTO2000, Keysight DSOX3104, and Tektronix MDO4000C series.

The WaveSurfer 510 also features Teledyne LeCroy's MAUI user interface with OneTouch gesture control, which provides access to common operations with a single touch of the display. It's drag-and-drop actions let you copy and set up channels, math functions, and measurement parameters while not lifting a finger. MAUI also provides gestures such as drag, drop, pinch, and flick. Its "Add New" button lets you enable a new channel, math, or measurement while traces turn off with a flick of a finger. Its 12.1-in. touch-screen display WaveSurfer 510 is, according to the manufacturer, the largest in its class.

The oscilloscope also features a full complement of advanced active probes, letting it capture and analyze waveform, which can simplify debugging of embedded systems. Its LabNotebook documentation and report generation tool lets you save waveforms, setups, and screen images as well as report results.

Prices start at $12,900. Teledyne LeCroy, Wavesurfer 510 product page.

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