Measure 16 temperatures, controlled online

-July 24, 2017

Measuring temperature from a remote location can save time and expense. For example, you may want to monitor the temperature in a room, on a machine, or inside an enclosure from your desk (or anywhere else, for that matter). The WebDaq-316 from Measurement Computing lets you measure temperature on as many as 16 J, K, T, E, N, B, R, or S thermocouple channels over a local or remote network. It's built-in web server provides access to the instrument without programming or an app.

Sampling at up to 75 samples/sec, the WebDAQ-316 has 3 Gbytes of internal acquisition memory, but you can add more by inserting a SD memory card or up to two USB flash drives. You can download measurement data using the web server or transfer it from the SD card or flash drive. The WebDAQ stores data in CSV format for easy import to a spreadsheet or data-analysis software.


The WebDAQ-316 operates in two modes, nornal or high resolution. For a scan rate of less than one sample/sec across all channels, the WebDAQ-316 operates in high-resolution mode. Its bandwidth drops from 78 Hz to 14.4 Hz, which also lowers noise and gain error. That makes better use of the instrument's 24-bit delta-sigma ADC.

Should you need a notification when a temperature is out of limits, you can use the web server to alert you with an e-mail or an SMS text. If you need some local action such as trigger an alarm or shut down equipment, the WebDAQ-316 has four programmable digital I/O channels. You can configure any digital channel as an input (trigger) or output (alarm). All T/C and DIO connections are made through front-panel terminal strips.

Measurement operations consists of "jobs" and "schedules." For example, you might change sample rates (job) when a temperature goes out of limits, then return to a lower rate when back in tolerance (schedule). You can also schedule jobs to trigger alarms or notify you of such conditions.


The WebDAQ-316 requires a DC 6 V-to-16 V power source. That voltage range lets you operate it in a vehicle or from the included external AC/DC source. A ground connection on the rear panel is available through a #6-32 screw, as marked. That's a convenience, knowing which size screwdriver to use.

Price $1199. Measurement Computing, WebDAQ 316 product page.

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