Impulse C adds support for C-language math.h functions

February 24, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO—Impulse Accelerated Technologies announced a new FPGA hardware library supporting C-language math.h functions.

Impulse (Kirkland, Wash.) said its library is implemented directly in FPGA hardware, as opposed to math.h functions that run "native: in embedded processors. The Impulse library also supports refactoring into multiple, pipelined parallel processes, enabling them the math.h functions operate two to 10 times faster than on embedded processors. Because they are callable from Impulse C, they are more accessible to software developers and others less familiar with FPGA hardware, the company said.

Impulse's new math.h library adds more scientific, algorithmic and engineering functions to the existing Impulse C floating point support, according to the company. The library provides access to single- and double-precision functions such as sin, cosine, log, tan, exp, pow, sqrt, and others, the company said. Library components are provided with standard C-language function prototypes, allowing them to be easily invoked, using the same function calling methods C programmers are familiar with, according to Impulse.

The Impulse C math.h library is also royalty free, the company said.

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