Extended-life motherboards court embedded applications

-September 16, 1999

Many of you have opted for off-the-shelf commercial motherboards to power low-budget, embedded projects. These motherboards are fine for one-of-a-kind systems, but you may run into configuration and end-of-life problems if you need more than a few units. A typical commercial motherboard has a manufacturing life span of just a few months before advances in technology require board changes or a complete redesign.

With these problems in mind, RadiSys has introduced the Endura family of Intel-architecture motherboards (Picture) targeting the market for embedded systems. Endura products offer the same Intel processors and ATX and baby-AT form factors as those in commercial motherboards, along with features unique to embedded systems. OEM customers get custom boot screens, a guaranteed five-year product life, formal change notification, and 100%-tested products.

Initial offerings in the Endura family include a 366-MHz Celeron-processor motherboard that costs $375.

RadiSys Corp, Hillsboro, OR. 1-503-615-1100, fax 1-503-615-1150, www.radisys.com .

—by Warren Webb

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