CREE adds EDGE automotive lighting and SIC epitaxial wafer designs

-September 04, 2012

Cree has been especially busy, unveiling three new products in the past few days. The company announced THE EDGE high output LED series, introduced 150-mm 4HN silicon carbine epitaxial wafers, and expanded its product offering with very low basal plane dislocation 4H silicon carbide epitaxial wafers.


Providing the utmost in safety for such applications as auto dealerships. The EDGE high output area and flood light LED luminaires use 50 percent less energy in most applications compared with the high output sources previously used such as 1000 watt metal halide solutions. Looking at new (or used) cars at night used to be problematic at best. THE EDGE provides much better color quality to showcase inventory after dark.


The solution is based on NanoOptic technology that delivers light where it’s needed. Its thermal management qualities enhance reliability and provide more than a decade of near maintenance-free service. THE EDGE reduces energy and maintenance while improving performance and illumination. Contact company for pricing and delivery.

150-mm 4HN Silicon Carbide epitaxial wafers

High quality, low micropipe 150-mm 4H n-type SIC epitaxial wafers feature uniform layers as thick as 100 microns. The 150-mm diameter single crystal SIC substrates enable cost reductions and increased throughput. Available in limited quantities. Contact Cree for pricing and availability.

Low basal plane dislocation 4H SIC epitaxial wafers

The latest SIC offering featuring low basal plane dislocation (LBPD) 100-mm 4H SIC epitaxial wafers are available for purchase. The LBPD material exhibits a total BPD density of < 1 cm-2 in the epitaxial drift layer, with BPDs capable of causing Vf drift as low as < 0.1 cm-2.

The BPD material enables very high voltage bipolar devices such as IGBTs and GTOs with improved stability over time. Available. Contact company for pricing.

For more information visit Cree, Inc.

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